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Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#1 von FOX , 22.08.2008 16:21

Hallo, Ich bin neu hier.
But for me is better to communicate in English, so please apologize myself for this.

I am also from Czech republic as Rom. who has told me about this sites. I have more Old Hondas, also the one, 2nd Generation Civic type S in black, which someone from you was searching for.

Thank you verymuch for this forum.


RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#2 von Hondafreak1981 , 22.08.2008 16:42

Hello and Welcome!

No Problem.

I hope that you like our Forum!

We would like to see pics of your cars!

Have a great time here!


RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#3 von Black Diamond , 22.08.2008 17:28

Welcome. This is the best Honda-Forum in the net. We are very pleased with your interest. Please send us a few pictures from your car´s. Have fun here with us.

Greetings, Denny

Black Diamond
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RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#4 von FOX , 22.08.2008 18:15

You wanna see my cars?

Let's go:


This one we have also in red color with stronger engine EN4. This one is EN1.

Here is the red one.


This one looks little bit different now. This is status I bought him for a very good money. Let's see an engine when I bought the car:

And last, but not least:

Also we have in our family ED9 CRX. (Sorry for such a big photo, but I do not know how to resize this image.)

but by the way to Köln for a gearbox we had an accident so now it looks like this:

We already have a new one chassis for it, but works goes very slow....complete sanding of chassis etc...

And our family's newest car :

I will try to get more pics for you.

Cheers FOX

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RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#5 von mamadiwa , 22.08.2008 20:07

Hi FOX and welcome here!
You dont have "some old Honda-cars", you have a museum!
It is fantastic to see all your cars.

Have a lot of fun

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RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#6 von Rom. , 22.08.2008 22:07

Hallo FOX, wilkommen und viele Grüsse

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RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#7 von peppi , 22.08.2008 23:43

Herzlich Willkommen

Have a good time with us and mail us next time you travel to Köln, we will have a little Honda-Meeting then


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RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#8 von Preludefahrer , 23.08.2008 15:47

Hello and welcome to our special forum.
We are very happy to see foreign new members her and we wish you much fun and best communication with other fans!

Best regards


RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#9 von Banzai , 24.08.2008 18:56

Hallo und herzlich Willkommen hier bei uns.
Schön,das Du da bist.


Honda seit 1979..was anderes gibts da für mich nicht mehr.

Grüsse an die NSA und alle andern Geheimdienstschlapphüte..viel Spass beim schnüffeln.

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RE: Ich bin neu hier. Danke Rom.

#10 von FOX , 24.08.2008 19:09

Thanx to all of you for such a friendly welcome

hope I will be able to prepare one of my cars for a trip to Youngtimer fest nextyear. prpbably it will be 2nd Gen ype S in black, as it is now in status of 90% repaired.

If anybody wants to ask me something, please do not hesitate to do that. You can also find me on Skype as fox_hc.

i will make some new photos of my cars as they look now and will post them here.

Cheers mates



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