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introduce fifi

#1 von fifi , 06.12.2010 21:39

Hallo german friends , Philippe as well known as fifi in France.

Sorry not to speak in german with you , but my knowledge is poor . I am interested with the classic Honda like most of you on this forum : S, N, Z , H, SB are my favorite. I think i met some of you in the past during the famous meetings organized by Michael Ortmann .

If you wants to know more about me, you can visit our web site : www.club-honda-classic.fr

I saw someone has posted a newspaper report about mr Hadorn civic race car . Is there a possibility to have a good copy of this page ?

Talk to you soon. and thanks to Howopa !

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RE: introduce fifi

#2 von HoWoPa , 06.12.2010 21:49

Oh, thank You for joining my inviting to our board.
It is a pleasure for us to say "You`re wellcome!"

* Aus Gründen der besseren Lesbarkeit wird auf die gleichzeitige Verwendung weiblicher und männlicher Sprachformen verzichtet und das generische Maskulinum verwendet. Sämtliche Personenbezeichnungen gelten gleichermaßen für alle Geschlechter.

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RE: introduce fifi

#3 von Hondafreak1981 , 06.12.2010 21:59

Hello, nice to have you here!

You can try to translate this Page here

But dont forget to write in English :-)

Have fun here


RE: introduce fifi

#4 von Ace Cooper , 07.12.2010 09:53

welcome aboard :-).

Viele liebe Grüße

Ace Cooper
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RE: introduce fifi

#5 von kaefergarage.de , 07.12.2010 11:15

Welcome on board!

I think it's not the problem of language here in the forum. Personally I'm no fan of such online translator. Well, they are good enough for basics but the most time 'they' work very awe full. 'They' have no idea about word order and the output is most funny. But still good enough to get the message or overview of the writings ;)

I think it's better to write in a language, in which you can communicate properly with others. Unfortunately French is less spoken here than English - it's the common denominator in the most cases ;)

Wishing you a lot of fun and increasing of our knowledge :)

Bitte nur email anstatt PN

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RE: introduce fifi

#6 von Mark , 07.12.2010 22:04

Salut Phillipe

I am happy to welcome you at this forum. I am a regular visitor of the french SNZ-Forum and enjoy the rich collection of you and your friends...

I hope you will visit us regularly.


エスハチ [ esu-hachi / S8 / S bee ]

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RE: introduce fifi

#7 von SaschaOF , 08.12.2010 09:08

Bonjour Philippe,

je suis ravi de te saluer en hondayoungtimer.de. Mille regrets de mon francais - je ne parle pas pratiquement votre langue. En conséquence à part moi il vaut mieux de parler anglais ...

I hope, that my (over 20 years ago in school learned) french produces no painful impression (facheux?) and you will understand ... to communicate in englisch would be very much easier, probably for both sides ...

Welcome here

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RE: introduce fifi

#8 von fifi , 09.12.2010 21:17

Thanks a lot !


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