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RE: My "daily driver" CRX 1.5i

#16 von Ace Cooper , 23.06.2010 13:06

this car is hot. I think i saw it on redpepperracing.com? am i right?

Viele liebe Grüße

Ace Cooper
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RE: My "daily driver" CRX 1.5i

#17 von koshir , 23.06.2010 21:23

yes, it's on rpr.com forum also


RE: My "daily driver" CRX 1.5i

#18 von koshir , 18.03.2014 09:18

I'm back ;)
Lots have change on this car, but nothing that would be visible on the outside :P

one photo from crx uk meet


" I'll install relay for front lights and master switch and hide all wires...
so it looks like this right now...hopefully it'll be done till 8th Sept. "
I was strugling to make all wires new for UK CRX meet 2011 and didn't make it :(

" photos of how far I was at the end, before UK road trip with Jazz :cry: "

" and photos before wire mess "


finally project VDO gauges ;)
was thinking long time where to put those, so they won't be sticking out of the dash or something weird like that,
so I got this idea to put gauges in glowes/glass box and while I'm driving it'll be open and after that I'll close lid and it's all orig. look

did lost of work already on this project and some work is still need to be done in the end that plate that gauges are on will be as long as box inside and I'll try to flock it inside

what I have done so far:
(that lid can fully open, but em thinking to do some "sleepy eye" version, will see how much sun will effect visibility)

Got one more thing that'll finish my wire tuck project nicely...

Odyssey battery and Battery Location Bracket


And dyno session @ TUNKKA place ( http://tunkka.com/ ),
it's not high power engine but it's a start until B16A gets in :twisted:

Dyno is based on 50" rollers so massive things under this wooden "construction" :shock:


forgot to update this one :D

last years wiretuck

before battery relocation


after battery relocation

new home for battery

VDOs in

UK CRX meet 2012


friend gave me this for my birthday (he draw it)
:D :D :D


took some night shots...

got to love EBC brakes (discs and shitty brake pads)
cleaned this wheels with toothbrush all morning and then went out for little trip came back and this is resault of that trip...and all my tothbrushing went to dust...


and two for fun...





RE: My "daily driver" CRX 1.5i

#19 von koshir , 18.03.2014 09:34


went to two track days this year both events on slick tires, the last one I went on track with Toyo PXT1R 195/55/14 street tires and ass is all overt he place, switched to slick tires 180/50/14
and until these are warm enough to do some real times I was off the course and on the grass before you say "ass out" ;) ... but when slick tires perform like those should in the rear, fronts lose grip...
any ideas what to do on rear end to grip like it should, I'm going crazy about this thing...trying all sort off things low pressure/high pressure , soft/hard on tokico iluminas... what is the solution for this rear end sliding ("unpredictible")...

Thanks for all info. and help in advance...

Ssupension mods so far:

- Tokico Illuminas (front tried on 3 and 5 setup and rear is on soft I think it's 2 must check)
- ground control rear
- AVO 280lbs rear springs
- 27.5mm torsion bars
- ES bushing all around











Yesterday at 2013 JAP meet...


and photos from night session...



and damn chikara hedman header cracked all over the place, friend manage to TIG weld it back together, but now after two rides cracked on diff. places...damn...of to buy new one...neverending story :(


and since that track day I went to another track day where I had a chance to play with tire pressure, cause I just hated how rear tires didn't get grip...but found out the trick day later when searching for info all over the net, insted of what I was doing lowering the pressure I shoud put it higher to get them warm sooner...so in my case when rear tires started to grip two or three laps later fronts lose grip (probably overheated)...

and went to another show where I got this one...


so far nice seasson (exept stupid header )


one of engine bay before and after :wink:




and finally:
HEL Performance brake lines,
enough of old rubber lines and mushy feeling on brake pedals...



and since I have this sexy banjos in garage why not use them :lol:

already driven some km and you can feel difference, before if I wanted to lock wheels it was almost mission impossible it was hard to get good feeling out of mushy brakes, now you can feel brakes and if I want to lock wheels no probs...can't wait to get this tested on track, it was horrible before...


I have one set of braided lines from HEL for CRX 1.5i AF (rear drums) brand new in transparent color, so if anyone needs it it's for sale...
And I'm also HEL Performance dealer for Slovenia, bikes and cars so if anyone will need anything send me email with inq. at helslovenia@gmail.com and
I'm sure I can help you out and give you good price... you can check items also on my facebook page HEL Slovenia ...


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RE: My "daily driver" CRX 1.5i

#20 von Kröte , 18.03.2014 18:33

I have the HEL brake lines on my Civic as well. But remember, they need TÜV-paperwork in Germany.

Fantastic car :)

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RE: My "daily driver" CRX 1.5i

#21 von Insightowner , 18.03.2014 19:16

What an awesome ride you have !
I admire your colour taste... never would have guessed it coming from a Renault 4 though.

Carry on with the good work !


RE: My "daily driver" CRX 1.5i

#22 von koshir , 18.03.2014 20:03


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